I've been attending Megan's classes for about 15 years.  Her exceptional knowledge of the body makes her a superior teacher. 

~ Candy

I love Megan and all that she brings to her class. Her dedication to yoga is an ongoing lifelong journey. I am blessed to have found her as my teacher. She gives you tools to bring to any other yoga class as well as all aspects of your life, and brings us into a deeper understanding of embodiment.

~ Irene 

Megan's classes are playful and original and she really understands alignment, so I never feel I will get injured.  She teaches with such enthusiasm and generosity.  She is a real yogi.

~ Donna 

Megan's classes are a way to undo all that routines, gravity, time and stress do to our human frames. It is like a gift you give yourself, as you learn better care and maintenance of your self.

~ Lizzy

I thank [Megan] for all [she has] taught me about my body. It has had a significant impact on my well-being in all senses of that word.

~ Susie

 I'm glad to have gotten to know [Megan] and to practice with [her] this summer. I do believe [she] has been instrumental in the recovery I've been able to make!

~ Peter

God has given [Megan] a gift and a calling and it is so nice to experience it.

~ Patricia


Megan was referred to last week by another leading Vineyard yoga instructor as “The Yoga Instructor Emeritus of the Vineyard”, but honestly even this does not do justice to the brilliance of Megan’s work as a dancer, practitioner, teacher and healer.  For me, being in one of Megan’s classes is spiritual healing and a blessing of the highest order. I know I speak for many of her students when I say she has profoundly improved my life.

~ Alan 

[Megan] is the change I want to see in the world. [Her] clients and this community are lucky to have [her]. 

~ Stefan 

  I have moved to Washington, DC, and I love it here, but one of the things I miss most about the Vineyard is [Megan's] yoga class!  

~ Julie 

[Megan] is a Goddess and a true Teacher. 

~ Lori

I just wanted to thank [Megan] for the wonderful opportunity to experience her unique brand of Yoga.  I am currently teaching a Gentle Yoga class at the Southern Saratoga YMCA, and [she] gave me such helpful insights.   I think [her] approach has universal appeal.

~ Linda 

The work [Megan does] is the next paradigm of core work. I can tell by our conversations. It is deep, powerful and state of the art, I promise. I research this stuff consistently and [she is] on the cutting edge.

~ Stefan