Greetings Friends in Paradise,

Yes, it’s cold and snows sometimes, but it’s still Martha’s Vineyard, America, which, well, is basically paradise, right? Anyway, I hope you are following your inner light and that it’s shining at least your way, if not the way for more, to be grateful and happy with what is good. And if it is not so light for you today, I hope you know that it’s brighter right around the corner.


Because 2 awesome grandboys with their awesome mom are coming to visit next week, I will only be teaching my Peacegate classes from Feb 18- Feb 22. The other classes will have great, carefully chosen subs. And because the island gets ridiculously quiet the next week (and even though I love that quiet), I will be away from Feb 25 through March 4. SO, in short:

1. GREAT SUBS for 2 weeks at Airport, Mansion House and Yoga Barn 2/18- 3/4
2. 4 days with NO Peacegate classes from 2/26- 3/1
3. Keep doing YOUR yoga!

This is all up on my website, with each sub for each class listed:


(to help you get to, or keep coming to, or get a friend to come to Peacegate yoga classes)

~ The ALL-YOU-CAN-PEACEGATE YOGA-IN-A-MONTH sale will pick up for the months of March and April for OOOONLY $80! 

~ Also, I will sell class cards at $70 FOR 7 CLASSES (limit 1 per yogi), purchasable in the same 2 months of March and April ONLY use anytime and/or shareable

(Yes, you can take advantage of both sales!)

Among the many things I am grateful for, I am grateful for you.